A new missionary that is just starting deputation

Joe is fumbling around with the phone, calendar, notebook, and map all at the same time trying to best use the little time that he actually is able to reach a pastor and schedule a meeting. The pastor on the other end of the phone suggests a date and Joe frantically checks his calendar and map for where he will be directly before and after the meeting to not book himself in an impossible situation.

DROP THE MADNESS! Enter ifbmt! With ifbmt, Joe has all the information he needs at his fingertips. He opens the QuickCalendar and easily sees his schedule in a monthly, weekly, or agenda view. He then picks the proposed meeting date and is presented with a map view of the surrounding meetings with the opened church marked on the map. Joe swipes over and opens the event-form to quickly enter any notes with a start date and time and an end date and time. The church and contact information is attached already to the meeting. Upon saving the meeting an email is sent to himself confirming the meeting. After saving and viewing the event Joe is presented with the option to email the pastor confirming the meeting scheduled.

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